I love the idea of creating a scarf that can be worn or displayed that is unique to you or someone you love.

All of my scarves are one of a kind pieces of art.  If you see a photo of one that you love, I can make another one like it. . .but not exactly.  That’s one of the aspects of these scarves that make them so special.  These scarves encourage contemplation.

  • You may have a friend experiencing a health challenge and want to offer them comfort and courage.
  • You may want to remind yourself to be bold in your life.
  • You may, like me, want to remind yourself to wonder and be in awe of others rather than judge.  When I have a challenging meeting or negotiation, I always wear one of my wonder scarves.  No one knows that I am wearing it.  They just see a scarf with a beautiful pattern on it.  I KNOW.  Wearing it connects me to my values, and reminds me to choose accordingly.
  • You may want to wear your purpose out loud and proud.
  • You may want to simply wrap yourself in beauty.


When you commission a scarf, I make two.  Each is based on your idea, yet slightly different.  When they are complete you choose one.  I sell the other one at one of my local shows.

Contact me for pricing at



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