Bryn Mawr Reunion scarf statement

What a pleasure it has been creating your reunion scarf.  While all scarves were created based on the same theme and intent, each was uniquely hand painted.  No two are exactly the same.

This seems fitting as each of you shares the common bond of attending Bryn Mawr and being a graduate of this historic institution, yet you each had unique experiences awhile there.


Each creation is based on four components: 1-Your red lantern, 2-Sophias, 3-The evening tradition of traveling at dusk into the cloisters with your lantern, 4-May day, the weaving of the maypole.

As I painted and wrote, I imagined the words of Sophias as the ribbons of the maypole.


My wish for you is that when you wear your scarf, you are wrapped in the intention of the words and the symbolism of your lantern; that you are reminded of the rich tradition that you are part of; and that you enjoy wearing this art that was created especially for you.


~Melinda Abrams, BeMoved 2014!


* Each scarf is 100% silk.  Dry Clean only.