Commissioned Altar cloth

Sometimes people ask for special pieces for special occasions.  Below you will see an image of the Lotus Circle Altar cloth in progress, and the completed art.


This piece of art began with simple white strips of silk.  All of the fabric is 100% silk hand painted/dyed  by me, except for the back which is 100% cotton that I purchased as you see it.

When I work in the studio, I begin with giving my judging mind full permission to rest, and allowing my intuitive creative mind to take the lead. I play with color and sometimes words, as I love the idea of being wrapped in an intention or thought.

For this altar cloth, I spent some time contemplating the journey of this cohort.  I read Chariti’s posts about the Lotus Circle and let that writing move me.  I did not have a designed finished product in mind, rather I let the piece evolve and emerge.

I don’t have many words to describe what emerged for me…rather this altar cloth serves to express and to bless the cohort.     I do know that I was drawn to the studio and energized by creating this cloth for the circle.  My hope is that it’s presence in the Lotus Circle draws participants to connect with their sacred creative self and with each other, and that it energizes the cohort.

Each altar cloth arrives with a special ritual to sanctify the cloth and ready it for use.  CONTACT ME DIRECTLY AT to commision an art cloth for your home or your group.

May you be moved by it’s presence and blessed by what emerges.